Our ambition? To provide our customers the best possible response to the short and medium-term imbalances of the oil chain and respond to an ever-increasing demand for energy at all times, all over the world.

Our mission

Providing global supply of energy through safe and efficient management of the oil market supply chain.

TotalEnergies Trading & Shipping markets crude oil and refined productions of the TotalEnergies company and ensures supply to refineries and subsidiaries worldwide. We value flows on oil markets at fair price, seek out the best solutions for our customers and manage the operational, financial, regulatory and HSE risks of such transactions.

As logistics and safety professionals, we work on the entire oil market supply chain. Thanks to our teams, we make energy available all over the world while dealing with the challenges faced by our industry.

Our expertise

A sophisticated risk management, to control and manage financial, operational and HSE risks in the global energy and commodities trade.

Market, financial and operational risk management is an essential part of TotalEnergies T&S DNA, as a global player in energy and commodities trading. We have developed sophisticated risk management systems, processes and controls for more than 35 years to respond to all kinds of risks associated with transporting crude and refined products in significant volumes around the world. We operate with the highest standards with regard to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE). To manage the extreme volatility of commodity prices, we have also designed a quantitative approach of our business and assets that monitors all kind of risks in real time, including foreign exchange & interest rates, shipping and credit risks.

  • International energy trading

    • Physical trading
    • Paper and derivatives trading
  • Risk management (financial, operational, regulatory and HSE)

  • First-class maritime transport

    • Rigorous selection of vessels
    • Chartering and operation tracking (analysis, monitoring)
  • Analysis and forecasting of global energy markets

  • Logistic chain management

    • Storage and blending
    • Transport (pipelines, rails, etc.)

Our commitment

Safety, integrity and compliance are at the heart of all our decisions. Marketing oil worldwide means mastering financial markets and price risks related to market volatility, organising transport between production and consumption sites as well as mastering the regulation that govern the economic and social functioning of the countries in which we operate.

Thanks to our skilled and experienced staff, we have constructed solid relationships with our counterparts all over the world. As a responsive and agile company, we are committed to develop our activities while respecting the women and men with whom we work.

Key figures

6.6 millions barrels per day

3200 voyages per year

49 Mb contracted storage capacity

+800 employees

53 nationalities

120 countries