TRAKK - Keep track of document trails

To contribute to a safer and more reliable trading environment, TotalEnergies Trading & Shipping provides a new certified invoice service: Trakk by Komgo.

Trakk by Komgo is a tool to manage operational risk owned by major industry players, including TotalEnergies, that provides a secure network to stamp, trace & authenticate digital documents and capable of digitizing complex workflows and transactions. Verify any document, view the audit trail and build an ecosystem of trust.

Crude oil assays database

Crude oil analysis is a crucial process in the oil industry, and a crude assay is one of the most common laboratory tests used for this purpose.

In our database, get direct access to all the characteristics of the crude oil produced by the TotalEnergies company – updated in real time, and all information on crude oil qualities and details of their chemical analysis. Use them to compare refinery yields by geographic area.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) (also known as Material Safety Data Sheets, “MSDS”)

Provide important health and safety information about our products, and serve as an effective means for hazard communication in support of various hazard communication laws and regulations.
Please use the link below to access the database.

Our terms and conditions of sale

TotalEnergies Trading & Shipping General Terms and Conditions for Sales

General Terms and Conditions for Sales constitutes part two of TotalEnergies’s T&S companies sales contracts.
Specific provisions agreed between buyer and seller form part one of the agreement.